Petal Pink Edit

Sensually curated, timeless lingerie.

The Eris Harness + Nyx Set

Fearless confidence, timeless lingerie. 

The Kali Bodysuit

Sexy mesh fabric that skims and accentuates the curves. 

Stellaire Collection

Friends of Ombare uniquely style our pieces to fit their own personality & lifestyle.

  • Arden

    Arden layered her leather jacket over our Temperance two-tone wireless bra...

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  • Oria

    Mother, wife, trance lover and adventurer in our sexy strappy black lingerie set, Nyx...

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  • Lauralynn

    Performance artist, activist, introvert plays in our Eris harness layered over our strappy lingerie set.

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  • Kisha

    Kisha pairs Kali, a sheer lace detailed bodysuit, with her own leather leggings...

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